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Friends and comrades – you are all, no doubt, making your own plans and have your own thoughts about what to do during the current Covid-19 outbreak.
As a band that does not rely on its gigs for a living – we are in the position of not being reliant on gigs to feed our families – and our hearts go out to those performers who are in such a tricky predicament with regards to making a decision on what to do for the best.
We have never cancelled a gig before – either as a band or as individual performers – but the current situation calls for some drastic measures to ensure ourselves, our friends and our loved ones are not unduly exposed to onward infection at our gigs.
Consequently – we intend to review gigs on a fortnightly basis – and take decisions on whether to play or pull out based on current Government guidelines at the time. So we may very well have to cancel more gigs.
It breaks our hearts to do this – we love performing and we hate to let people down – but these are unprecedented times and, as individuals and collectively, we need to take unprecedented actions to combat the threat.
We hope you understand. Solidarity Forever!
Rocky, Punky, Bolshie, Cheesy


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