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About Bard Company


What happens when a group of middle-aged activists and Socialist performers decide to bond together in Solidarity?

Bard Company is born. 

And, in the words of Steve Earle ... The Revolution Starts Now!

Three mature wordsmiths from the working class Northern Powerhouses of Bolton, Salford and Wakefield decided to merge their writing and performing into a consolidated effort to help wake up the world to the evils of fascism, pointless conflicts and Tory misrule, framing ideas hatched in poetry into three albums of songs set to rousing music, the last 2 being co-written and produced by Merry Hell's John Kettle, one book and countless live gigs and festivals. 

Boltonian punk poet Jefferama! (aka Jeff Dawson) became Punky Bard.

Pennine hopping Yorkshireman, poet and musician, Ian Whiteley, re-located to Wigan and became Rocky Bard.

Salfordian poet and comedian, Tony Kinsella became Bolshie Bard.

And the trio of trouble-shooting troubadours was born. 

Society was shaking in its shoes.

The world would never be quite the same again. 

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