About Bard Company


Some marriages are made in Heaven; some are made in Hell; but the marriage of the three dissonant components that united to form Bard Company was made in an all-night lock-in in a real ale pub about halfway between Bolton and Oblivion. As this trio of creative souls swapped anecdotes, life philosophies and Pannini Rugby League cards deep into the long dark night of a random Tuesday, a special alchemy began to ferment.

Ian Whiteley, Jeffarama! and Tony Kinsella had once been the Angry Young Men of their generation, but had now evolved into the Vaguely Miffed Middle-Aged Whingers of a new age, raging poetically against global capitalism, unjust conflict and the rising price of cardigans and nice slippers. Ian suggested that combining their four croaky and asthmatic voices into a chorus of agitation and protest would bring Fascism crumbling down. They all agreed that the time had come to ride, armed only with a phalanx of verses, songs and one-liners, into the eye of the storm, like The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse, although Tony specified that he isn't free on Thursdays.

Now all they needed was a name. They were all agreed that as traditional troubadors of powerful poetry, the word 'Bard' would be the pivotal ingredient. Suggestions included Angry Bards, Bards Of Prey, A Bard Day's Night, A Bard Rain's A Gonna Fall, Play Your Bards Right, Bard On The Wire, Bard With The Same Brush, Chairman Of The Bard, The Bard Men Of Alcatraz and Enough Already With The Dreadful Bard Puns. After only 12 weeks of fierce debate, Jeffarama suggested Bard Company and everyone agreed that this was an acceptable alternative to multiple suicide. (Multiple Suicide had been Tony's suggestion for a group name.)

With their new collective identity branded and packaged, they embarked on a busy series of gigs in Socialist Clubs, Museums, pubs, cafe bars, theatres and one stadium gig... busking in the car park of Rochdale's training ground. Shaping themselves into the world's wrinkliest Boy Band, Bard Company continue to rehearse tirelessly at Jeffarama's house, a process that mostly consists of tea, biscuits and queueing for the toilet. Bard Company are coming to your town soon ... whether you invite them or not.