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Bard Company are a performance group who include poetry, music and comedy in their set. They have played in support of local charities and specialise in satirical, political sets that include some or all of the elements mentioned above.
They are happy to play any size venue and usually look for a minimum set length of 40-60 minutes. Their material includes adult themes and may include strong language - although they are very happy to tailor both elements for a more family centred audience.
They have the ability to adapt their set to include most topics - so are an ideal act to book for a specific themed event - an example of their range is that they have played sets concentrating on politics, comedy, mental health, illness, anti-war and music themes. Their 'vanilla' set would include a mix of most or all of these topics.


Bard Company would love to hear from you - whether it's to book us for a gig, if you have any queries or just want to comment on anything we do - please complete the information below and send it to us and we'll get right back to you.

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